Performance 12


It was our due date for all our coursework for unit 3 and unit 4. I was one of the people who had finished their coursework about 3 weeks before the dead line. After I had submitted my work I didn’t really have anything to do so I chose to do was basically make a few of my own little beats. I made a song sorta song and trying to make a Christmas themed song that we can sing to. We also done a quiz on but waiting on the leader board to come back.

Thursday Session

In Thursdays lesson, our main focus and learning outcome was about stage presence. We were suppose to run through the set list however we ran out of time. While we were singing Havana, I’m not really sure what happened but I just randomly started laughing and put many people off, I did bring it back together and pulled it off. Also for Havana 3 microphones are needed as there are 3 vocalists(Sara, Bow and I).

Friday session

Today’s lesson we went through the set list for the Christmas gig,

  1. Seven Nation Army – Laura, Bailey, Luke, Dylan and Tye

  2. Havana – Laura, Bailey, Sara, Bow, Luke, Dylan

  3. Location- Sara, Bow, Bailey, Luke, Dylan

  4. Stitches – Megan, Zoe, Bailey,  Tye, Luke and Dylan

  5. Silent Scream – Zoe, Megan, Bailey, Luke and Dylan

  6. Stole the Show- Laura, Bailey, Tye, Dylan and Luke

  7. Royals- Isobel, Kia, Tom, Korben and Liam

  8. Valerie- Isobel, Kia, Tom, Korben and Liam

We also done a few things on how to present ourselves on stage. However wasnt able to put our skills to the test as we ran out of time.


Performance 11


In midi this week, our group got told that we had to complete Unit 3 and Unit 4 for it to be handed in 4th December. I however have completed unit 3 and the coursework with it and Unit 4 with the coursework. All I have to do is hand it in onto google drive and then my work for MIDI is complete. As a little extension task I made my own songs, one was a little Christmas jingle and the other was just a little beat I done as I was a little bored.


On Thursday, level 2 music made a set-list for the Christmas gig which was

  1. 7 Nation
  2. Havana
  3. Location
  4. Stitches
  5. Silent scream
  6. Royals
  7. Valarie
  8. Stole the show

Performance 10

In midi Sam taught us how to mix a song. He gave us the song Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix and we played around with the equaliser, compressor and I added gain, in the end of my mixed track it goes into a radio sorta space style of the song.

In Thursdays lesson Sam and Amber helped our groups go through the songs and we came up with a rough set list. My group are singing 3 songs in the christmas gig and its the 3 songs we’ve already learned already. Isobel’s group are doing the song Royals by Lorde, Megan and Zoe are doing stitches and silent scream. Bows roup are doing havana

Performance 9

This week we haven’t performed as the radio show is going on. However Bailey, Tye, Dylan Sara, Luke, Bow and I  are going to be performing for the radio show. The songs we have chosen are Seven Nation Army and Stole the show.

In Thursdays lesson with Sam we done a task of who can coil the rope the quickest and Sara and I won. We also had to make our own powerpoint etc of what makes a genre a genre and we chose the style Reggae as I think it was the most easiest.

Tye and Dylan done the genre Rock n Roll, Bailey and Luke done Blues and Reggae, Korben and Liam done Irish Folk Music, Jake and Bow done Blues and Tom Tom, Kai and Isobel done Reggae as well however they didn’t share their powerpoint as they thought we wouldn’t want to listen because two people had already done that genre so they just logged off.

In MIDI i got the extension task of taking one of my composition pieces for unit 4 and making it into a 3/4 minute song and I’ve already completed it.


Performance 8

On the 8/11/2018 in performance with Sam we had tried to practice for the Christmas gig however some groups still had to decide on a song. Our group also git given the task to think of a group song to sing for the gig but we couldnt make a decision and we dont think there will be enough time as we only have a 30 minute slot.

My group (Laura-Me Singer, Bailey-Bass/Guitar, Dylan and Jake- Keys, Tye-Guitar when he comes back, Luke-Drums, Sarah and Bow-Harmony singers and duet singers) are still doing the song Stole the Show-Kygo but I’m not sure if we are still doing the genre style of blues anymore. Megan and Zoe are doing the song stitches and silent scream, Sarah’s Group are singing Location-Khalid and have chosen the spanish style. I’m not sure what the other groups are doing.

Performance 5

In midi I completed part of unit 4 and just have to write up what composition themes I have used and target audience.

Dylan, Jake and I chose the song dancing on my own however it was a very fiddly song To learn on the piano so we chose the song Havana by Camila Cabello and we joined Bailey, Sara, Luke, and Bow.

I’m singing the main lead while the girls also join however they are also going to be doing harmonies. Dylan and Jake are playing harmonies on the Piano. Bailey is on bass and Luke is on the drums. Next week we will be assessed on our performance ext.

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